Terms and Conditions

 – “purchaser” is the person identified with the credit card or paypal purchase of this subscription.

– the videos contained within this subscription and purchase are limited to 2 devices only. 

– purchaser is responsible for ensuring against copying and distribution of any videos in their subscription, whether current or canceled. Any copying and distribution that are identified with this purchaser will be subject to $1000 fines per copy, upload or distribution.

– purchaser can cancel the subscription at any time but will not be refunded for the current month’s subscription or previous payments.

– These videos are NOT licensed for classroom, school, public events or family/friend distribution and are considered a violation of the license which may result in cancellation of subscription and fines.

– torah luminations reserves the right to cancel the subscription or change pricing at any time. if such cancellation or price change occurs, purchaser may cancel their subscription but will continue to be responsible for ensuring against copying and distribution of any torah luminations’ videos.

– All software installs are at the risk and responsibility of the user.