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 (Find out how to get this DVD for FREE!) Reb Eliezer Schwartz is a baal-tzedakah who loves helping his fellow Jews. While returning on a train to be on time to light the Menorah in his home, he notices that he is being watched by two passengers. With the power of Tehillim and Bitachon, his night of adventure begins! Finally arriving home to light the Menorah, Reb Eliezer sings הנרות הללו with a special joy and is joined by a surprise chorus of friends! That’s not the only surprise in store for Reb Eliezer as he has been followed home by the two passengers who are ready to cause more mischief. However, they are in for the final surprise as the light of Reb Eliezer’s Menorah brings brochos and yeshuos! While this story is based on Chanukah, it’s timeless message of Bitachon can be watched all-year round! 

  • For boys & girls ages 4-12 years old.
  • All voices are recorded using male voice actors.
  • Featuring הנרות הללו by Avrahom Fried! 


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