Install & Watch Xvast for Android**

Requirements: Android 4.4 or later.

Step 1: Install “Xvast for Android” by pressing and holding  here until a menu displays. Then tap “Download link”. Click “OK” if you get a message “This type of file…” This message is standard for any file not downloaded from the Google Play Store**. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN IT. We will take care of that in the next step with “Apk Installer”!

Step 2: Tap here to install “Apk Installer” from the Google Play Store. Tap the green “Install” button.

Step 3: After “Apk Installer” finishes installing, tap “Open” green button

Step 4: Tap “Install APKs” green box; “Allow” access to files on device.

Step 4 diagram

Step 5: Tap/”Check” one of the white, Xvast boxes on the right, then tap “INSTALL APKS” green button at the bottom

Step 5 diagram

Step 6: Then tap “Settings”; swipe “Allow from this source” to the right so that it turns on / becomes blue; then tap the back arrow under “Install unknown apps”; tap “Install”; tap “Open”; tap “ACCEPT & CONTINUE” blue button at the bottom of “Welcome to Xvast” FYI – this is your Xvast App/Browser

Step 6a diagram
Step 6b diagram
Step 6c diagram
Step 6d diagram
Step 6e diagram

Step 7: Type (or copy and paste) into the Xvast browser URL.

Step 7 diagram

Step 8: Tap the Menu at the top of the page.

Tap “My Account”

Step 8a diagram
Step 8b diagram

Step 9: Login

Step 9 diagram

Step 10: Tap the Menu on the right.

Tap “My Videos” (to see this option, it requires that you are logged in, your subscription has already been purchased and monthly payments are up-to-date)

Step 10a diagram
Step 10b diagram

Step 11:

1) Scroll through the list of videos and select the SD file of the video you want to watch.

2) To stream -> just tap on play icon & your video will play! REMEMBER: these videos can only be watched using the Xvast Browser/App

3) To download -> press and hold on download arrow, select “Download Link”. Please see Step 12 below.

Step 11 diagram
Step 11a diagram (Download Only)

Step 12 – For Download Only (after video finishes downloading from Step 10 above ):

1) Tap 3 dots in upper right.

2) Select “Open files”

3) Allow Xvast access to media (if you get this message).

4) Tap “Scan and List _P.mp4”

5) Tap which video you want to watch. Enjoy your video!

Download 1 diagram
Download 2 diagram
Download 3 diagram
Download 4 diagram
Download 5 diagram

Questions? Still need help after doing these steps? Please call 1.833.867.2458 or email

**As per our terms and conditions, “All software installs are at the risk and responsibility of the user.”