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Unleash Your Torah Powers & Mitzvah Abilities!

The Gemara states that before birth, the Soul takes an oath to "Be righteous and to not be wicked" (Niddah 30b). Team Tzaddikim is for every child who wants to change the world for good. Follow these modern-day adventures in 3D animation as a group of boys are led by their Gemara Rebbe to spread the light of Torah, Mitzvos and Middos Tovos to outwit the Sutton and his Mazikim. This series is approved by Rabbonim and Mechonchim.


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Don't just watch "Team Tzaddikim", join them! Boys and girls will be offered the opportunity to feature their Torah, Mitzvos and Middos Tovos on our Mitzvah News website as well as our upcoming, 3D animation videos.


Outsmart Your Yetzer, the Sutton and his Mazikim

Girls and boys can learn the tips and tricks to bring out their very best as well as to never be fooled by their Yetzer, the Sutton or his helpers.

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Team Tzaddikim will be offered as a video that can be viewed as an App, downloaded to your Android, iPad and Windows PC or watched online on our website. Torah Luminations is BZ"H, targeting before Shavous 5779 to launch the Team Tzaddikim monthly subscription. If you PRE-ORDER NOW for $4.99, you can save 50% off one month of videos with no obligation or subscription required. You will be notified when the videos are available to watch by the email associated with your order.  

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